• Our Bitcoin crowdfunding
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    We combine both crowdfunding
    and mutual fund-management features
    to multiply your Bitcoin, makes it
    more sustainable and
    healthy community.
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0.15 BTC to earn 30k BTC

World's first Bitcoin donation system in Bitregion allows you to get assistance up to BTC 30,000. You just need to Provide Assistance BTC 0.15 to earlier community member. It's karma; assist others now to get bigger assistance later!

10% Sponsor Bonus

Everyone hates Fed's fiat money now, hence enlarging this Bitcoin community. You will earn 10% direct sponsor bonus for any transaction your referrals do. Same system offered to banks’ sales team.

0.5% daily dividend (Pledge)

Have bitcoins, but where to grow it? Don't just keep it fluctuated in the market. Provide Help (PH) to other community members to get constant rewards of 0.5% daily dividend (30% monthly).

1% daily dividend (Active)

Even if you just queue to Provide Help (PH), the community will reward you 1% daily. It's 15% monthly dividend by just showing your sincerity to help growing Bitcoin community.

0.1% - 5% Overriding

Growing bitcoin community is everyone's tasks; thus Bitregion values the teamwork effort to get constant unilevel bonuses up to 5% for everything your team members do.

0.5% - 10% Flexi Pairing

As for your career incentive, Bitregion offers monthly flexi-pairing to appreciate your effort in growing bitcoin community. You can choose the highest monthly income pairing up to 10%, whether from your left or right leg.

Mobile Apps

Manage your Bitcoin community investment through your phone.

Our push notification will notify as and when you get the donation and commission!
Refer your network at anytime and anywhere with our state-of-the-art innovation.

Bitregion is a trusted distribution community system Powered by Bitcoin

Enjoy 30% monthly dividend by providing help in this global network

To ensure fair distribution of helps among our participants, Bitregion is proud to announce our smart algorithm is tested to endure any possibility of public demand and supply of helps. We optimized the distribution of financial aid among participants through our ground breaking codes to ensure the fairness and transparency in the system.